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Kick it Out Final!


Posted Nov 21, 2019 in Events

On the 25th and 28th of October, we were in Salisbury and Chippenham (respectively) in partnership with Wiltshire Council and Kick it Out, putting on free football activities that anyone could come along to and enjoy. As part of this, we also ran tournaments where any team could come along and compete for the chance to play on the County Ground pitch at Half-Time this Saturday.

The winning teams from Chippenham and Salisbury, the North Wiltshire Wanderers and Harnham United respectively, will be taking to the pitch to compete for the Kick it Out trophy. So, if you’re coming down to the game, please give them a warm welcome, and show them your support when they take to the pitch. 

We’d like to give our warm thanks to Rob Paget for helping to organise the events and the match at half-time, and we’d also like to thank Shelley Ludford, David Redfern, Cllr. Jerry Kunkler, and Paul Pritchard who will be coming to the game. 

We’d also like to thank Kick it Out, an organisation that looks to protect players of all ages, in all levels of the game. Football should be able to be enjoyed by everyone, regardless of race, sexuality, or identity, and Kick it Out is on the front-line so to speak, making sure that everyone has the right to football. 

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