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The People Behind the Foundation

Meet the Team
  • Jon Holloway
    Jon Holloway

    Head of Foundation

  • Shane Hewlett
    Shane Hewlett

    Assistant Head of Foundation

  • Andrea Clayton
    Andrea Clayton

    Administrative Officer

  • Andy Tye
    Andy Tye

    Senior Development Manager

  • Brad Carter
    Brad Carter

    Governance and Partnership Manager

  • Ellie Burgess
    Ellie Burgess

    Community Development Officer

  • Mitchell Coombes
    Mitchell Coombes

    Community Development Officer

  • Alice Telling
    Alice Telling

    Community Development Officer

  • Grace Osman
    Grace Osman

    Community Development Apprentice

  • Ollie Buck
    Ollie Buck

    Community Development Apprentice

  • Kyle Holloway
    Kyle Holloway

    Media and Marketing Officer

  • Gary Stanley
    Gary Stanley

    Facility Manager

  • Yakob Mohammed
    Yakob Mohammed

    Facility Assistant

  • Raymond Lovell
    Raymond Lovell

    Business Support

  • Tyler Bunce
    Tyler Bunce

    Community Coach

  • Todd Burroughs
    Todd Burroughs

    Community Coach

  • Tom Cox
    Tom Cox

    Community Coach

  • Clive Eckersall
    Clive Eckersall

    Community Coach

  • Sammy Hiscocks
    Sammy Hiscocks

    Community Coach

  • Shaun Moore
    Shaun Moore

    Community Coach

  • Abby Picton
    Abby Picton

    Community Coach

  • James Sims
    James Sims

    Community Coach

  • John Andrews
    John Andrews

    Goalkeeping Coach

  • Ted Andrews
    Ted Andrews

    Assistant Goalkeeping Coach

  • Kayley Drury
    Kayley Drury

    Foundation Park Assistant

  • Kiara Francis-White
    Kiara Francis-White

    Foundation Park Assistant

  • Millie Hewlett
    Millie Hewlett

    Foundation Park Assistant

  • Finn Hopkins
    Finn Hopkins

    Foundation Park Assistant

Join the Team

Unfortunately we're not currently hiring, but if you're passionate about football, and helping to improve the lives of people in our community from every walk of life - then get in touch with us and we'll keep you in mind for any future opportunities.

We love our supporters.

And we love what we do. But we couldn’t do it without these great people that get behind us. Be a supporter.

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