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Specialised Training for Future Number Ones

Foundation Goalkeepers

On top of our Foundation Centres, we also offer Foundation Goalkeepers session for 6 — 14 year olds, so budding goalkeepers can get the tailored coaching required for this important position. 

Just like our Foundation Centres, the Foundation Goalkeepers sessions are comprised of structured activities devised to improve your child’s football skills, as well as their coordination, team work, and fitness. Where it differs is that these concentrate primarily on the technical basics of Goalkeeping, such as handling techniques, save types, and distribution. 

The sessions are usually split into two groups based on age, and consist of a warm up, a skills practise, and an opportunity for the practical implementation of what they’ve learnt. 

The Foundation Goalkeepers course aims to progress players into our Advanced and Elite systems, where they’ll be able to gain experience in a more competitive environment. 

The course runs alongside the school term, but players can join at any time. They take place at Foundation Park, and cost just £6.50 per session, which is paid in a block up until the end of term.

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