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The Teams Behind the C6 Programme

C6 Boys and Girls Teams

As part of their involvement in the Commonweal C6 programme, both girls and boys are given the opportunity to compete in competitive matches in the CEFA Leagues.

The teams play their fixtures every Wednesday, averaging about 25 games per season, against teams from the educational programmes of clubs such as Fulham, Chelsea, Portsmouth and Norwich.

We have seen an amazing standard of football on the C6 programme, and in the relatively short time we’ve been running the STFC6 our teams have won eight titles, and been runners up for even more.

201617 — 
ECFA Women’s Category Winners

201718 — 

ECFA Women’s Category 2 Winners

201819 — 

CEFA Men’s South West League Winners
CEFA Men’s South East League 2 Winners

201920 — 

CEFA Men’s South East League 1 Winners
CEFA Men’s South West League 2 Winners
CEFA South Division Women’s League Winners
CEFA Women’s National Cup Winner

2020/2021 -
CEFA Men’s South West League 1 Winners
CEFA Men’s South West League 2 Winners
CEFA Men’s South West League 3 Winners

The C6 programme was launched in September 2016. Alongside the opportunity to gain a full-range of A‑Level and Vocational qualifications, students are also granted the opportunity to train with professional coaches, gain coaching qualifications themselves, as well as competing against other professional football clubs from around the country.

You can find more information on the C6 programme here.

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