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Weekend's Games Postponed


Posted Sep 10, 2022

We fully support the FA and the EFL’s decision to postpone this weekend’s matches as a mark of respect. 

To put things in perspective, here are the programme covers from the first and last league games at the County Ground under Queen Elizabeth II’s reign.

The Sporting Pink wrote of the game vs. Walsall on February 9th 1952:

The two teams wearing black arm bands, and followed by the directors and the officials, marched out together and lined up in the middle of the field while Abide With Me” was played. This was followed by a one-minute silence and the National Anthem.”

We can hope for an equally respectful display at the County Ground when football returns.

(and if you’re curious, Swindon’s Maurice Owen scored a 75th minute equaliser to finish the game 1 – 1.)

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