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Swindon Welcomes Ukraine Event at FP


Posted Nov 11, 2023

Prior to today’s match, we put on a special event in collaboration with Swindon Welcomes Ukraine and Swindon Borough Council. This event was inviting people from Ukraine who had recently migrated to Swindon as refugees, escaping the horrible conflict which still continues. This was an event for children and their parents, with the parents receiving a chance to chat, with refreshments, while the children played a host of fun football games and activities. We of course provided the participants with tickets to that day’s game, and for some of these people, it was their first opportunity to watch a football game of that scale. 

These are the projects for which we have invested so much in building Foundation Park into the facility that it is, and we are immensely proud that we are able to offer these experiences to the people of our community.

For more information on the Swindon Welcomes Ukraine project, go to www​.ukraineswin​don​.com.

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