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Kellogg's Football Camps!


Posted Apr 09, 2024

STFC Community Foundation are pleased to be delivering Kellogg’s Football Camps this Summer!

We have been supporting our local community with holiday camps for many years and this year, teaming up with one of the UK’s most popular cereal brands, Kellogg’s, will make the summer holiday camps bigger and more exciting than ever!

The Kellogg’s Football Camps are the best way for boys and girls to enjoy their football, and to support parents in keeping their kids active and entertained during the school summer holidays.

To celebrate the announcement, Kellogg’s is giving away 30,000 free places for the camps before they kick off this summer.

Where can I find more information?

To get involved this Summer, buy a pack and sign up now: https://​www​.kel​log​gs​fc​.com/​e​n​_​G​B​/​h​o​m​e​.html

T&Cs: https://​www​.kel​log​gs​fc​.com/​e​n​_​G​B​/​p​d​f​/​e​n​_​G​B​-​t​e​r​m​s.pdf

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