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Our Booking Partners

Official Soccer Schools and EZ Facility

Why do we use Booking Partners?

For the past few years we’ve worked with Official Soccer School as our booking partner, rather than taking bookings through the office. This has proved to be beneficial for everybody involved, ensuring that your data is both efficiently organised, and safe. We can be sure that any pertinent information (such as medical requirements, or lack of photo permissions, for example) are delivered to the coaches before every session.

Official Soccer Schools is managed by the English Football League Trust, and is an online booking service which promotes popular soccer schools and sports activities available at EFL club community schemes in England and Wales; enabling busy parents and guardians to book places at ease.

Since the opening of the Foundation Park 4G pitch, we have been using EZ Facility alongside Official Soccer Schools because it also allows us to also manage the booking of the pitch. 

We will continue to use Official Soccer Schools for one off payments such as Holiday Development Courses, and EZ for recurrent payments such as After School Clubs. We believe that the use of the two alongside each other provides the most convenient way of booking for our participants.

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