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Football at a Slower Pace

Walking Football

As part of our commitment to providing opportunities for everyone in our community, we are pleased to be able to offer a slower paced, non-contact version of the beautiful game. Specifically designed for men and women aged 50 years or more, our walking football sessions are also suitable for people who may have had mobility, fitness or health problems which has prevented them from playing a faster paced game. 

Walking football reopens the door to players who have previously retired from competing in the sport, as playing the game at a walking pace reduces the chance of falls and injury, but is still a fantastic way to keep fit, and meet new and like-minded people. 

Through Walking Football, I have made many new friends, my levels of fitness and stamina have increased enormously, and my weight has reduced by over 10kgs (over 1½ stone) in the year since I first started to play — whilst barely changing my eating habits.
I have a gratifying sense of improved physical and mental wellbeing. Walking Football has become a significant and entertaining part of my life, and I hope that I can continue to enjoy it for years to come.”
- Steve Boss

If you are interested in participating in a Walking Football session, please feel free to come on your own or bring friends. We’ve got two weekly sessions, the first takes place at Croft Sports Centre, Monday evenings 6 — 7 PM and we now have a session running at Foundation Park on a Friday afternoon, 12.30 — 1.30 PM.

For more information on our Walking Football sessions, email james.​s@​STFCfoundation.​com.

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