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March 27th 2020

Following Monday’s announcement that the country would effectively be put into lock-down, our staff have been following the government guidelines and working from home, wherever possible, with an absolute skeleton staff monitoring the essential upkeep and security of Foundation Park. We have been exploring new ways to engage with our participants, and this week have hosted zoom sessions for our Football Fan in Training Men and Ladies, as well as our Extra Timers.
We have also been providing lots of content that we have been producing, for our participants of all ages, and this can be found on our social media with the hashtag #KickOutCOVIDWithSTFC, as well as on the dedicated pages found here.

This is a new and strange situation for everyone, and we’re continuing to monitor its progress. We urge everyone to heed the advice, and STAY AT HOME, apart from:

  • Shopping for necessities as infrequently as possible.
  • Exercising once a day (from your home). 
  • Medical needs.
  • Travelling to and from work if it is absolutely necessary.

Stay safe, stay healthy.

March 20th 2020

Earlier this week we, along with the rest of the country, received the news that Schools will be closed from today. After following government advice and postponing all of our regular sessions in the community, this now means that all of our in-schools activities will not be continuing. This is obviously a huge disappointment to our participants and team of staff. With the schools remaining open for the children of key-workers, we will be exploring ways that we can support schools in this, and offer our assistance where we can.

During these unprecedented times, we will be looking at all opportunities to continue to engage with our participants, players, supporters and partners. This will start with an online interactive group session for our FFIT Ladies group on Monday evening. 

With regards to when our sessions will be up and running again, it would be futile to speculate as the situation is evolving daily. We’re continuing to monitor the situation, and heeding all advice from the government and leading sporting bodies. We will continue to update this page as and when we receive any information, so please do check back regularly, as well as following our social media accounts on Facebook and Twitter (@STFCfoundation). Stay Safe, Stay Healthy.

March 17th 2020

Having received further guidance and advice from the EFL, Premier League and Government, we have taken the decision to postpone all sessions and activities that we deliver in the local community. The health and wellbeing of all our participants, staff, and partners is of paramount importance.

With schools still remaining open, our team of coaches will continue to deliver within the school setting.

As a Community Foundation we will endeavour to support the local community and the most vulnerable groups to get through this challenging and unprecedented situation.

This is a fast moving situation, and we will aim to offer official updates on a weekly basis, every Friday, or whenever we receive more information.

Stay Safe, Stay Healthy.

March 14th 2020

At STFC Community Foundation the health and well-being of all our participants, staff and partners is of paramount importance.

With this mind, following yesterday’s announcements from the EFL, along with the FA and the Premier League, and the more general transition to the Delay’ phase of meeting the challenge posed by COVID-19, we are suspending the delivery of sessions to our vulnerable groups with immediate effect, and until the guidance from the governing sporting bodies changes.

We will be speaking directly to the groups that are most at risk, and will be contacting participants directly if their sessions will be affected by these developments.

If you don’t hear from us or our partners in relation to a programme you participate in, then you can assume that it will continue as scheduled, but we advise all participants to be sensible, cautious and follow government and NHS guidelines.

  • No handshaking or other contact personal greetings.
  • Start and end every day by cleaning your living/​workspace.
  • Wash your hands frequently and maintain good personal hygiene.
  • Cover your mouth and nose with a tissue when coughing and sneezing and throw away used tissues (if you don’t have a tissue use your sleeve).
  • Avoid touching your face, mouth, and eyes.
  • Seek medical attention if you develop any cold or flu like symptoms especially if you have a fever and experiencing shortness of breath.

We will continue to monitor the situation as it progresses, and continue to assess the status of all of our sessions. We reiterate that we advise all participants to follow government guidelines, and not attend any session if they feel unwell, are at high-risk with a pre-disposed condition or have had any contact with anyone known to have been in contact with the virus.

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