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It's Coming Home!

Our Safe Return to Play!

As of Monday 29th of March 2021, we began a phased re-opening of Foundation Park, and a welcome back to many of our participants.

Of course, things will be a little different upon our return, and we have made a number of changes and implemented a host of new procedures to ensure that we are safeguarding against the COVID-19 pandemic.

We produced this video last year to illustrate the new procedure for entering and exiting Foundation Park following the Summer Lockdown, and we will be following the same procedures for scheduled sessions and training on our return this time.

Please also refer to the following two maps that detail the Arrival and Departure procedures for the first stage of our return.

It is our utmost priority to ensure that all of our participants are able to continue their football training, to socialise with their friends and team-mates, and to have fun — in a safe environment, in which we have taken every precaution to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

There are a number of steps that we have taken to ensure this, but here are six key steps that we wish to highlight:

  • Reducing Risks: We’ve completed an in depth risk assessment of Foundation Park and all of our activities to ensure that we are able to safeguard against COVID-19.
  • Frequent Cleaning: We’ve limited the areas that participants have access to, in order to greatly increase the frequency of cleaning of the areas that are open to the public.
  • Social Distancing: We’ve implemented systems such as safe waiting areas, and floor markings to ensure that participants can maintain 2m social distancing.
  • Staggered Arrivals: We have staggered our arrival times, to minimise the contact between our participants and parents.
  • Hand Sanitising: We have provided the means for thorough hand sanitising as participants enter and exit the playing area.
  • Staff Training: All staff have been trained on how to correctly and safely use PPE equipment to minimise their risk, and the risk of further spread.

For our Holiday Development Courses we’ve had to make some amendments to the format and the procedures that we usually follow to adhere to the new guidance.

We produced these two flyers and the following video last year before our Summer Courses. We’ve not relaxed or reduced our COVID safety measures, so please take a look at what we’re doing, and what you can do to ensure that the Holiday Courses run safely and smoothly, and also the answers to some FAQs that you might have.

We’re looking forward to seeing you back at Foundation Park soon!

Although we wish we could welcome you all back right away, we’ll be contacting our different groups in due course, so if we’ve not invited you back yet, please be patient! We’ll be welcoming you back to the home of football in Swindon very soon.

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